Profile STIKes BTH Tasikmalaya


Recently, STIKes BTH Tasikmalaya has three departments, namely Pharmacy (S1) degree, Nursing diploma III and Health Analyst diploma III. This year, the total number of active students are 708 persons which consist of 243 persons of nursing students, 221 persons of health analyst students and 244 persons of pharmacy students. The teaching and learning process in STIKes BTH Tasikmalaya uses multimedia based that has already applied the system of information communication technology for the academic and financial management oriented on the public accountant.

Until the year of 2008, the number of graduates are 873 persons from Nursing Diploma III, 572 persons from Health Analyst Diploma III, and 47 persons from Pharmacy (S1) degree.

In general, the graduates from STIKes BTH Tasikmalaya have been working in several companies, such as public health services, medical and food industries, owned by state or private companies inside or outside of the country.

The additional competencies are also provided for students to make them more professional, such as certificate of competency from BNSP for the analyst graduates, certificates of emergency care and electro cardiogram procedure for Nursing. Besides, all of the graduates have both English and computer certificates as well as the additional soft skills in the form of personal and social spiritual development.


STIKes BTH Tasikmalaya is as the excellent high school of health in West Java.


  1. To carry out the educational program for nursing, health analyst and pharmacy departments to get the needs of society in diploma III and S1 degree.
  2. To utilize Tri Darma Perguruan Tinggi professionally.
  3. To provide sufficient facilities based on the need of curriculum.
  4. To improve the professionalism of lecturers and staff.
  5. To create the conducive working and learning environment that reflects the personality of the religious academic staff.


To produce the competent and faithful graduates that can dedicate their professionalism inside or outside of the country.


STIKes BTH Tasikmalaya has complete facilities, such as office rooms, classrooms, 5 units of nursing laboratories (surgical medical nursing laboratory, human needs laboratory, emergency nursing Laboratory, Maternity Laboratory and Community Laboratory), 5 units of health analyst and pharmacy laboratories ( chemistry laboratory, biology laboratory, formulation laboratory, pharmacology laboratory and community Laboratory). It has also several supporting facilities, such as digital system of library. The library has been completed with free of charge internet and hotspot for all academic staff for 24 hours. The library has about 1.796 titles of books, papers, scripts, journals, and electronic books. Besides, STIKes BTH Tasikmalaya has computer laboratory integrated with language laboratory. Nursing students is specifically provided with dormitory for those who need it.Another supporting facilities are hall, sport facilities, mosque, art, clinic, transportation, and parking area.


There are several researches done by lecturers based on their educational background, such as pharmacy, chemistry, microbiology, food and drink, parasitology, and nursing science. Public service done by the lecturers and students is a routine activity implemented in the KKN program. It is a yearly program done in some villages. The incidental activity includes the program to help the victims of Tsunami disaster in Aceh, Pangandaran and Tasikmalaya. STIKes BTH Tasikmalaya has cooperation with several institutions, such as with Dompet Duafa Republika to do qurban for the society surrounding Tasikmalaya. Public service is also done in the counseling of reproduction health, drugs, and HIV AIDS for senior high school in East Priangan yearly. Workshop is also done for biotechnology utilization and small medium enterprises improvement with IWAPI (Ikatan Wanita Pengusaha Indonesia) Tasikmalaya in a program of making candle and soap. National seminar for lungs and free medical service is done for surrounding society of STIKes BTH Tasikmalaya.


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